Smou is the personal mobility app of Barcelona that provides you information and services to make easy for you to move around the city.

Smou gives you the option of paying for on-street regulated parking via mobile phone through the apparkB service in Barcelona, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern and Badalona.

The smou app also includes the agilPark service, which will enable you to go in and out of B:SM car parks without having to take a paper ticket thanks to an automatic number plate recognition system. Now there's no need to go to the tickets machine, you just pay for your stay through your mobile!

Also, if you have an electric vehicle, smou incorporates the Endolla Barcelona service, which will enable you to use charging points located along Barcelona's public roads as well as those located in B:SM car parks. What os more, you will also be able to reserve on-street points.

The app shows the following information on a map:

  • apparkB: Regulated parking spaces
  • B:SM car parks
  • Charging points in Barcelona: Electric vehicle charging points
  • Shared mobility vehicles: bicycles (Bicing) and cars (Getaround and Ubeeqo)
  • Cycle lanes

Select the information that interests you the most and customize the map to suit your needs!

Yes, smou is an app that will constantly evolve to always offer users the best available transportation options.

You can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The app is free to download. The cost of using the different services (apparkB, B:SM Parking, etc.) is determined by the relevant operator.

To use vehicle sharing services, you need to register in all the operators separately. Once you have registered, you can select the vehicle you want to use and smou will redirect you automatically to the appropriate app.

Yes, you can easily filter the map for information on the services you want to check at any given moment.

You can check and download the statements you want from your user area or from the “Operations History” section of the app. Invoices will not be sent to your residence.

You can contact us by filling out the contact form on smou's website, or by calling the B:SM customer service number (+34) 93 700 68 44. You can also do so through the app, by selecting the “Technical Support” option in the “Information and Help” menu and we will reply within 48 working hours.

You can use the app on any Android device with version 4.4 or higher, or any iOS device with version 11 or higher.

If there is a technical issue with B:SM's own services (apparkB, agilPark, Bicing and Endolla Barcelona) you can choose the “Technical Support” option on the app’s “Information and Help” menu, where you will find a form to fill in with your request and we will reply to you within 48 working hours.

If you have a technical issue regarding other vehicle sharing services, you must contact the appropriate operator directly. Smou takes no responsibility for the services rendered by these collaborators, their fees or any incidents that may occur.

Registration and User Area

Personal account: For private users with one or more vehicles in their household.

Business account: For company or fleet accounts. With this account, a work or sales team can manage and pay for the parking of a fleet of vehicles. To do so, a company administrator must give prior authorisation and register all the associated users and vehicles.

You can register through the app once you have downloaded it, or through the website You will have to fill in the online form with your personal information and you will receive an email to verify your email address.

If you want to register a business account, you can only do so through the website, by filling in the online form with your personal information. You will then receive an email to verify your email address.

A business account is an account with multiple users managed by an administrator. Users will be able to use the smou services, provided the administrator has given them the required permission. All the parking tickets will be charged to the bank card registered on the administrator’s account.

You cannot use any of the services without a user account, so it is essential that you are registered to be able to use the services. However, you can see the information on the map and use the system to check parking space availability without being registered.

You can access with the same user and password to the smou app and AMB Aparcament app both with no need to make a new registration.

When you log in to one of both applications, the other will be closed automatically.

Yes, all information is encrypted and complies with the most rigorous security standards.

You can do this from the app by going to user settings and selecting “Deactivate my account”. You can also do so in your user area on smou’s website. If it is a fleet account, this must be done by the general administrator of the account.

You can change your bank details in the “Payment” section of user settings on the app. You can also do so in your user area on smou’s website.


You can activate the apparkB service in the “Services” section of SMOU’s side menu. To do so, you must enter the number plate(s) of your vehicle(s) and your bank card details.

There is no need to worry. The device that all parking enforcement officers carry allows them to check in real time whether your vehicle has got the corresponding digital ticket. 

No. The ticket must be started from inside or next to your vehicle once you have parked it.

Yes, a parking operation can be started outside regulated hours, and you will start to pay for it when regulated hours begin.

Make sure you are not in a resident-only area, a DUM area or in a non-regulated parking area.

We recommend you to check the sign at the beginning of the street where you wish to park to verify the type of parking area and the regulated hours.

Yes. You can add and eliminate vehicles from the “My Vehicles” menu on the app or from the user area on the website.

No, you can only have one ticket in force at any given time.

No, the idea of the regulated on-street parking spaces is to encourage movement of vehicles and to provide parking for more users, so once the maximum parking time allowed has expired, you must leave the parking space.

No. The apparkB service is currently only for parking in blue and green parking spaces. If you want to pay for a resident parking ticket in your assigned area of Barcelona using your mobile phone, you must use the OnAparcar Residents app.

You can activate an end-of-parking warning on your phone from the settings on the apparkB service.

Yes, it’s really easy. Just select the apparkB service from the map screen and select “Cancel a fine”. This function is only available in Barcelona.

It is a system incorporated into smou that predicts the availability of regulated blue parking spaces of Barcelona in order to help users find on-street parking. All you need to do is enter your destination and the estimated time of arrival (for the day you need a parking space) and SMOU will show you a prediction of parking space availability. 

Green indicates high availability, orange indicates medium availability and red indicates low availability. No forecast data is available for the areas marked in grey. Grey is for parking areas for which the prediction service is not yet available. These areas will be gradually added to the system. 

You will see the charges in one of the two following ways depending on your bank and the type of card used to pay:

1. A single charge on your bank statement for the exact amount corresponding to the time parked.

2. A charge corresponding to the maximum time allowed in the area where you parked (a prepayment carried out by your bank), and then a credit corresponding to the amount of time you did not use.


Zero Emissions vehicles may benefit in Barcelona from parking in Blue and Green parking spaces of AREA with a reduced rate of 0 Euros, always respecting the timetables and maximum regulation times.

When a parking operation starts, a temporary bank charge is made to the user’s account as a pre-authorization. This will be returned in full in the case of Zero Emissions vehicles.


This is a new system for accessing and paying for your by-minute stays in B:SM car parks. With agilPark you will be able to get in and out without a paper ticket because the barrier will open thanks to the car parks’ number plate recognition system. What’s more, the ticket will be paid automatically through the smou app when you leave, so you won’t have to go to a tickets machine.

Activate it from the services section of the main menu by selecting the vehicles for which you want to activate the automatic number plate recognition service.

If this is the first service you have activated, before you do so you will have to register the vehicles and choose your bank card settings.

Only one user per number plate can have the automatic entry service selected and that user will pay for that vehicle’s stays.

A camera at the car park entrance and exit will read your number plate and open the barrier for you automatically.

All you have to do is indicate for which number plates you want automatic entry permission on the smou app.

Turning your paper ticket into a digital ticket will enable you to pay for your by-minute stay using the smou app. Also, it will enable you to use the app even if you don’t have the automatic number plate recognition activated or if it doesn’t work properly.

You only need to scan the barcode you will find on the paper ticket and select your vehicle’s number plate. The number plate will be read at the exit and the barrier will open automatically without you having to insert the paper ticket into the ticket validator. Your stay is paid automatically through smou when you leave the car park.

Take a paper ticket so you can get in and then use the smou ticket scanning option to turn it into a digital ticket.

Your stay is automatically charged to the bank card associated with your username via smou when you leave the car park.

AgilPark is available at all B:SM car parks. See the main smou map for information on where to find the car park entrances, parking fees and what services they offer.

The agilPark service is available for cars and vans. It is not available for motorbikes or any vehicle that only has a rear number plate.

Select the "Discount Vouchers" option from the side menu and scan the QR code printed on the front. The voucher will then be stored in smou. Once scanned, the paper ticket can no longer be used.

When you have a ticket in progress in agilPark, there will be the "Add Vouchers" option. Press the button and you will see all the vouchers available for that ticket. You will be able to select the one you want to use at that moment, so that only the remaining amount of the stay, if any, will be charged to your bank card. If you do not use up all the time on the voucher, the remaining time will be lost.
If 2 or more cumulative vouchers are selected to be applied to the current ticket, the sorting criteria will be as follows:

  • If one of the selected vouchers meets the condition that it alone fully covers the duration of the stay, that voucher will be consumed. The rest can be used in other stays.
  • If none of the vouchers meet the above condition, several vouchers will be consumed. Sorting: the voucher with the longest duration will be consumed first. Then the rest of the vouchers will be consumed until they cover the stay, and the order of consumption of these will be from smaller (duration) to larger.

50% discount on shared-parking tickets that have some type of subscription available is already available on smou; the discount is only applied to the vehicle whose subscription is selected to enter by number plate recognition. The other functions and discounts will be gradually incorporated into upcoming versions of smou.

Depending on your bank, a pre-charge of 3 cents will show up on your statement, followed by a refund of the same amount.

Once your stay in the car park has finished, you will see that you have been charged for the time your vehicle has been parked there.

Endolla Barcelona

It's the service that enables you to activate Barcelona’s more than 500 electric-charging points, either the ones located on public streets or those found in the B:SM Car Parks network.

You activate it from the main menu, in the services section, and choose electric vehicles. If this is the first service you are activating, you will have to register your vehicles beforehand.

•    M1 cars: BEV (100% electric vehicle), PHEV (chargeable hybrid vehicle), REEV (range-extended electric vehicle)
•    N1 and N2 vans and light lorries
•    M2 and M3 buses and coaches
•    L6e light quadricycles
•    L7e heavy quadricycles
•    L3e motorbikes
•    L1e mopeds

Yes, providing the point is in the same category as your type of vehicle: Car, Motorcycle, Taxi and DUM (Urban Goods Distribution).

First of all you will have to park in the place allocated for charging, just in front of the point. Once the app is open, click “Start QR charging” on the main screen, select the vehicle and scan the QR code you find at the point.
The point will be activated and you will have 1 minute to plug your vehicle in. 
To stop charging, click the “Finish charging” button in the Application.

The maximum time will depend on the type of charging.

On the street:
•    Charging for motorcycles: 2 hours.
•    Rapid charging: 30 minutes’ waiting-time parking + 30 minutes’ charging (1 hour in all)
•    Exclusive Taxi charging: 1 hour
•    Exclusive DUM charging: 30 minutes

The maximum charging time allowed at B:SM car parks is 12 hours.

Yes, provided it was configured in the user area (

You can use the following link ( to request permission for charging in Taxi and DUM stations.

You will be able to reserve points located on streets. To do so, you have to select the point on the map and click the “Reserve” button. Once the vehicle to be charged has been chosen, you will be able to reserve it for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Yes, in the “Operations history” section.