In smou, we continue to grow in order to improve our app and so that every day we can move more and better. Thus, we are very happy to announce that discount vouchers are now available in smou! 

From now on, those discount vouchers for B:SM car parks that some establishments give their customers can be entered in smou. In this way, vouchers are directly applied to Parking via app service tickets and you automatically enjoy the discount. 

How does it work? 

  1. Scan the QR code that you'll find on the voucher's front side to enter it in smou. 
  2. Once scanned, it will be saved in your smou account and the paper voucher will no longer be valid. 
  3. All the scanned vouchers will be in the Discount Vouchers section and you'll be able to use them whenever you want. 

Smou is still here with you!