The aim behind this new app is to improve users’ experiences, by bringing together apps and integrating several BSM mobility services into a one-stop-shop space and which can be used in an easier, more comfortable and more intuitive way

The app will be available for iOS and Android devices from 31 January on

ApparkB, which allows users to pay for regulated ground-level parking (AREA) from their mobile is evolving and will be integrated into smou

This coming 31 January sees the arrival of smou, Barcelona's new mobility app, which brings together several mobility services into a one-stop-shop space. It has been designed to improve the users’ experiences, being faster, more intuitive and more comfortable to use and easier to access. Users will have centralised information available to them and direct access to the main services of Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, such as AREA, Aparcaments B:SM and the network of public electric charging points, as well as information on complementary mobility services. 

One of the main mobility services smou will offer is regulated ground-level parking that can be paid for by mobiles through apparkB, a system that used to require a specific app but which has now been developed and is integrated into the new app. So, as from 31 January, whoever wants to obtain a Green or Blue Area parking space ticket from their mobile will be able to do just that by using smou. 

This means users will be able to continue using this type of parking space ticket just as they had been up to now, paying only for the exact parking time, and without any need to walk over to the parking meter or leave a physical parking ticket in their car. To make it easier for all users to sign up to smou, the apparkB app will continue running for a further two weeks before it stops operating as from 15 February.