Having an electric vehicle means getting used to new driving habits,planning routes and learning how to use charging points. 

But do you know how to use Barcelona’s charging-points network correctly? We now offer you a tutorial video so you can recharge your electric car easily and safely at Endolla.

Charging your electric vehicle in Barcelona:

  1. Register with the Smou app.
  2. Activate the service and choose a payment method.
  3. Check the charging-points map.
  4. Go to the charging point.
  5. Access the app, identify yourself and scan the QR code.
  6. Charge your vehicle.
  7. Make sure the connector is properly locked.
  8. Remove the cabling from the pavement to protect it from damage.

You can find a variety of connectors at recharging points on the Barcelona Endolla network. Choose the best type of charger for your electric vehicle.

The energy that connects with you is growing!